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Our company provides a wide range of document preparation solutions for the general public.

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Reliable document preparation by experienced professionals

Our legal document assistants can be a valuable resource for individuals that already know the proper course of action and simply need support with the corresponding paperwork. We help clients understand which documents are necessary, how they should be filled out, and where they should be filed.

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We take a rigorous approach with every assignment

No matter the circumstances, we work relentlessly and have a process to guarantee that our clients are satisfied with the results.


We respond and complete projects in a timely manner.


Hire a qualified professional with experience in the field.

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Dedicated to providing accurate solutions

When clients come to us, we assess the specific clerical procedure and help them make the best decision possible. Our Legal Document Assistants are experts in the field and deeply understand the County filing process. This allows us to accurately answer any questions that may arise while preparing documents. A registered Sacramento process server can also deliver all your legal papers.

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Get the right assistance from a trusted expert before filing legal documents

When you need support with self-representation, we can help. Our Legal Document Assistants are professionals who have worked with hundreds of clients to prepare their documents.

We understand that filing legal papers can be daunting and that finding the proper assistance can be challenging. We offer extensive clerical services and can discuss your situation. Our goal is to resolve issues in a manner that is most beneficial for the client.

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Frequently asked questions

The primary function of a registered legal document assistant (LDA) is to help individuals prepare legal documents before being filed. The laws regulating simple procedures in the County of Sacramento are often complex and confusing. This makes it difficult for the general public to complete the required paperwork without the assistance of a trained professional. An LDA can help clients understand which documents are necessary, how they should be filled out, and where they should be filed.

To become an LDA in the state of California, a person must have a certificate of completion from a paralegal program, a bachelor’s degree and one year of legal experience under the supervision of a licensed attorney, or a high school diploma and two years of law-related practice with the direction of a licensed attorney. All LDAs must also register in the County they practice, post a bond of $25,000, and be transparent about their level of education with clients.

The answer is no. Paralegals and LDAs are two different types of professionals. Paralegals work under a lawyer to research legal matters at 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive. A paralegal often has experience in law and can help attorneys by conducting investigations, drafting court documents, and answering questions about clients’ legal issues. In contrast, LDAs do not work under the supervision of an attorney within a law firm or government agency. Most LDAs are self-employed and provide accessible clerical services for individuals who only need help preparing legal documents.

Our LDAs can prepare and help you file various legal documents, including child custody, child visitation, child support, conservatorship, guardianship, restraining order, estate planning, business contract draft, and notarized documents. Our team also offers online deed transfer services for specific real estate transactions in California. Some LDAs can also help individuals complete court forms that apply to their specific situation, but they cannot give legal advice or represent clients in court.

Cost – Typically, the clerical services offered by an LDA are more affordable than those offered by an experienced living trust lawyer. Most legal preparation services start at an accessible rate for the general public but increase depending on the complexity of the procedure and the amount of work involved for each case.

Accuracy – When an LDA prepares a legal document, he/she ensures that everything is formatted correctly according to state laws and regulations. There will be no mistakes in the paperwork once filed with the corresponding government agency. An LDA can also explain confusing points within a specific document so that you can fully understand its context.

Speed – Get documents prepared faster by hiring a licensed professional who understands the clerical system of a specific County. This is especially true if the process involves multiple steps or if certain technicalities need to be addressed with the preparation of specific legal documents.

LDAs are licensed professionals who can prepare legal documents at the discretion of clients. Hence, LDAs can only assist individuals that already know the proper course of action and simply need help with the corresponding paperwork. LDAs are not lawyers. They are legally prohibited from giving legal advice and cannot represent someone in court. Laws concerning Legal Document Assistants are outlined in the California Business and Professions Code (BPC 6400-6415).

If you need to learn about your legal rights, consult an attorney before making any decisions regarding your case, even if it seems relatively straightforward. If you have a complicated legal situation involving multiple parties, contact a lawyer to represent your interests in court.